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The Creed of The Seeker

I don’t know you personally nor do I know anything about your life but I can safely say that in your life you’ve been hurt & disappointed probably more times than you can count. Some will hurt you intentionally whilst others are blissfully unaware of the impact their words and actions have had on you.

The committed seeker of happiness knows that he/she must embrace inner change in order for outer change to occur.In the course of my work with schools, organisations and individuals from all walks of life, I have found that many people can’t find the happiness they’re so desperately seeking, simply because most of their energies are focused on the hurtful moments they’ve experienced.

So why do we feel so much of pain? What are we supposed to learn from grief? That’s a topic we can discuss another day. Today, I want to share with you something I wrote a long time ago (even before this blog was started) and I hope that you will read it and use it to remind yourself that dwelling on hurt and harbouring hatred/resentment will suffocate your soul and destroy your chances of living in happiness.

The Creed of the Seeker of Inner-Peace
  • I will not destroy my life by harbouring hatred for others

  • I will forgive those who hurt me

  • I will overlook petty issues so that my vision remains fixed on the greatness that I pursue

  • I will not behave maliciously towards those who I feel have wronged me

  • I will not emotionally imprison myself by refusing to forgive

  • I will forgive as much as I would like to be forgiven

  • I will overlook the irresponsible behavior of others

  • I will not allow the word and actions of others to dictate whether I sleep well or not

  • I understand that hate destroys

  • I understand that irrespective of who is right and who isn’t, I will find true freedom & inner-peace in forgiveness

  • I know that to truly live, I must first love

  • I will not allow those who have hurt me to control my heart by allowing hatred for them to dictate my emotional state

  • I understand that publicising people’s faults out of malice, is a clear indication of my inability to deal with my emotions

  • I know that as a human-being, I will definitely feel hurt but I can always choose not to hate

  • I will forgive & I will live my life

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