The Flow of Progress

Progress starts with change.

Change starts with awareness.

Awareness is born when we seek & find the answers to the right set of questions.

See, most of us will pass through life without ever reminding ourselves of the answer to important questions like, “Why am I here?”. Or maybe we will remind ourselves, but not enough.

We can’t be here simply to devise ways to earn money and then spend that money buying things we hope will bring us happiness. Eventually, this becomes a meaningless, repetitive cycle that comes to define our lives.

We can’t have been created just to grow up, get an education in the hope of getting a job and then work at that job for 40 years and then retire.

Life must stand for more than our job descriptions. Life must stand for more than the things we own and the accolades we’ve collected. Life must stand for something that will outlive us.

Whether it’s your devotion to your spouse, your kids, a charity, a craft or your life’s work, your life must stand for something so meaningful that in the end, it leaves you with a life that was truly well-lived.

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