There's Something You Should Know

If only one person knows a secret, they become the one everyone wants to get to know. Once the secret is out though, nobody wants to know that one person anymore. And that’s the thing about secrets, they’re valuable only for as long as we don’t know them. They lose their allure when everyone knows them.


I want to tell you a different kind of secret; one that becomes valuable only when you get to know it. In fact this is a very personal secret. It’s got to do with the way you approach your life. It challenges a belief you’ve most likely held from the time you were a small child.

You see from the time we were young, we’ve been taught to put our heads down and carry on working without knowing what it is we’re working towards. Work on whatever life society has already mapped out for you. Work on getting through school so that you get into a good university/college. Work hard on campus so that you get a good job.

Work hard at your job so that maybe you’ll make enough money to make you happy. Or enough to buy the things you believe will make you happy.

We’ve been taught to follow the system,the rules. Don’t worry about what’s happening everywhere else; don’t worry about the yearning of your soul. Do your work, get paid, go home. Buy some stuff, pay your accounts, save a little.

Do your work, get paid, go home.

Here’s the thing: We’ve been working to conform to the rules for so long, that we haven’t had the time to look-up, to see how the world has changed.

Here’s what you’re going to see: The Gatekeepers are Gone.

All of them, they no longer exist. Don’t like working for a boss? Become an entrepreneur and eventually you could be successfully self-employed. Don’t like standardised education? Homeschool your kids, or unschool them. Want to write a book but nobody will publish it? Self-publish. Need a website? Google how to design one for yourself. Have an idea but nobody to fund it? Try crowdsourcing. Want to start a business but can’t afford to rent a store? Sell your product online. Want to write but nobody is around to edit your work? Publish your writing anyway, in print or online.

I don’t have a single qualification that authorises me to write this newsletter or anything else I write for that matter. Does it stop me? Not really. Do I fret over the fact that I probably make lots of grammatical errors? Not really. I want to write so I write.

The Gatekeepers Are Gone.

There’s nobody holding the imaginary giant stamp of approval that everyone once believed you needed in order for you to pursue your life’s passion.You don’t need anyone’s approval or permission. What qualifies anyone to say what is art and what isn’t? What is the definitive method of categorising one book as brilliant and another as terrible? Who put critics in charge of telling you what you should and shouldn’t read? Who’s a bad author and who isn’t?  Who has the authority to say that you’re a great writer and your friend/ sister / husband/ father isn’t?

You don’t need permission anymore. Nobody needs to approve your attempts at doing great work.You’re the gatekeeper now, you stand at the door of your own successes.

It’s you against you. The Gatekeepers are gone, what will you do?

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