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The Next Big Thing

There’s a somewhat global obsession with learning how to imitate successful people, movements, companies etc.

Click-bait headlines like “How To Think Like [Famous Person]” or “This is What [Wealthy Person] Does Every Day” or “How This Woman Lost 20 kg in 6 Months” have convinced us that if we read/talk enough about people we consider successful, we might just end-up as successful, wealthy or famous as them.

I’m not saying that learning the habits & strategies of people whose success & results you admire¬†is worthless; I’m saying that all the success-related information you’re consuming MUST translate into some tangible results.

You’d think that with all the access we have to information about happiness, wealth, success etc. we’d be making more progress than ever before. Instead we find ourselves in an era where collectively, mankind has quite possibly never been more deeply dissatisfied with life.

We’re not succeeding because we’re fixated on discussing & describing success.

I’ve lost count of the number of people who tell me how much they’ve read or learned about losing weight, building income streams, finding happiness, having more fulfilling relationships, eating healthy etc. yet these are the very same areas of their lives which they’re still struggling to improve.

Every morning, millions of human beings wake-up hoping that they’ll get the big break they’ve been waiting for. Some will lead their entire lives like that and others will¬†simply lose hope. A small percentage will actually find the break they’re looking for.

It’s your turn to stop waiting.

Taking focused action is the next big thing that will change your life forever.

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