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Universal principle that I’d like to share with you : Your life and your achievements are immeasurably influenced by the company you keep.

Your friends, colleagues, teachers and basically everyone you give your time to, will leave an indelible impression on your mind & soul. Eventually, the mindsets of the people you mix with, becomes your mindset. The qualities of the people around you will become your qualities.

If you’re sad and you surround yourself with sad people you’re not going to cheer-up anytime soon. If you’re trying to make progress in life but you keep company with individuals who are not committed to achieving their goals, you’re probably not going to achieve very much. Spend time with people who are serial-complainers and eventually you’re going to find something to complain about. Befriend people who are happy to waste their potential and very soon you won’t care much for your own dreams and ambitions. Commit to surrounding yourself with people who have the type of character,drive, purpose and commitment that you would like to see in your own life and you’re well on your way to getting there.

If you’re serious about improving your life and leading a life that you look forward to waking up to, make it a rule to…

– Have conversations with people who are busy building their dreams as opposed to wasting their time

– Network with human-beings who are committed to leading the best possible versions of their lives

– Befriend those who will inspire & drive you to achieve even more

– Avoid mixing with people who gossip,backbite and spend their time speaking ill of others

– Seek-out those who are living their dreams by conquering their fears and taking responsibility for their lives

Lead a life that you can be proud of!



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  • Young Warrior says:

    This ‘unversal principle’ cannot be understated – it is indeed powerful beyond measures.

    When we surround ourselves with the right type of people, it is much easier for us to make drastic and improved changes to our lives. We subconsciously mimic the behaviours of these people and adopt their attitudes and mindsets.

    It is not only important that we make a conscious effort on our parts to associate with the right people, but we must also evaluate who these ‘right’ people are in the very beginning. This is tricky and we can be easily deluded in the process – we often feel obligated towards our past companions without making an accurate evaluation of the impact they have on our lives.

    On another note, it is crucial that we are firm to our paths and let our actions speak for us. It is one thing for us to attempt to surround ourselves with like-minded people, but another to make them feel compelled to form companionships with us.

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