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The current state of your life, health, relationships, finances etc. has been influenced largely by the decisions you’ve been making, the habits you’ve been practising & your mindset.

Overeating for one day doesn’t lead to obesity. Consuming too much sugar on a single weekend doesn’t give you diabetes. Doing nothing for just 1 day doesn’t result in a wasted life. If you avoid doing 1 important task, that doesn’t make you a procrastinator. Missing 1 workout won’t have a drastically negative impact on your wellbeing. Having an argument with your spouse won’t lead to a broken marriage.

Consider the other side of the coin: Overeating daily for 30 years will most likely lead to obesity. Overdosing on sugary foods & drinks day after day will quite possibly impair your health and could lead to illnesses like diabetes. Doing nothing meaningful most days – for 50 years – will result in a meaningless life. Avoiding important work every day will make you a chronic procrastinator. Not exercising for 40 years will really harm your health (if you get no other physical activity). Broken relationships don’t happen overnight; they’re contributed to over a period of time.

You are the decisions you’ve been making repeatedly.

Now because the point you’re at in life is the accumulated result of thousands of decisions, habits & responses, if you want to measurably improve / change any major aspect of your life, you will need to make different decisions & more informed choices. Your mindset & habits must be leveraged , tweaked & engineered to help you find the success you’re looking for.

Many people seeking to get fit, lose weight, improve their marriages, better their finances etc. look for a quick fix to their problem. The reality is, there never is a quick fix. If your problem is a result of bad decisions / responses made consistently for the past 10 years, doing something differently for 1 day isn’t going to help.

If you’re serious about progress, be serious about being consistent.

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