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There are rules & systems for everything in life.

And statistics. There are always some stats.

There are rules to follow if you want to be an A-student or a successful chef. A structured, systematic path that you must follow if you want to be president one day. Rules for a successful business. Rules to remember if you want to become wealthy.

Naturally I don’t know of every single rule / system so I can’t say that all are true or that all are false.

What I can say is this: Every rule that you are told of, was more than likely conceived because of someone’s experiences. The assertion that you need to follow a system or a set of rules to realise a specific outcome, won’t always be correct. Don’t assume that you can’t become who you want to become or do what you dream of doing simply because according to the rules you’re not cut out for it. It doesn’t matter if statistically you’re not meant to succeed. It doesn’t matter if the numbers aren’t in your favour.

You have what no economic, statistical or financial model can factor in: Passion.

See, when a person is deeply committed to realising a specific outcome and is not willing to back down from the fight for whatever he/ she wants, something surreal happens: He / She eventually becomes an example of success & determination and others will then deduce rules for success from his / her life.

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