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We all need small doses of fear to keep us motivated,to give us focus,to create a balance in our lives.The fear of ending up in prison reminds us to obey the law,the fear of wasting our lives leads us to achieve more every single day.

The scary thing about fear is that we usually give it more credit than it deserves. This occurs when we allow our fears to control our lives,to dictate the limits to which we can progress & eventually to stop us from truly living.

The only way to kill your fears & gradually overcome them is by getting through them as opposed to saying “I’ll get over it”. List your fears and actively work to conquer them one by one.

A wise teacher of mine once told me that the things which scare you the most are also the things which are holding most of your dreams hostage. Conquer your fears & you inevitably begin achieving more in life,you begin living your life.

Pretending your fears don’t exist does not mean that they disappear,it only means that your fears get stronger and stronger until they control every facet of your daily life from emotions to sleep patterns.

To truly live the life you have been created for, remember that if you do not control fear it will most definitely control you.

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