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The Top of The Mountain

When a person believes he’s reached the pinnacle of achievement in any field, he will stop making progress.

Complacency will set in and eventually, others will overtake him simply because they keep on working whilst he believes there’s nothing left for him to achieve. He harbours the notion that he has reached the summit of the mountain, and nobody continues climbing after reaching the summit.

On the other hand, a person who believes he has much to learn will wake up each day prepared to work with the mindset of a novice. He knows that he will need to struggle and he will expect difficulty. Resistance & challenges are an expected part of his life. He continues working hard because he always sees himself at the bottom of the mountain.

The true seeker of inner-peace knows that even after he finds success, the mountain is never conquered.

To remain successful, one must continue doing the things that led one to success in the first place.

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