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The Toxicity Meter

I measure the toxicity of an environment, arrangement or situation based on the following:

  • Does it change who I am? In essence, if my environment is causing me to compromise or even consider comprising my principles, it’s a highly toxic environment for me to be in. As soon as this awareness sets in, it’s time to do everything humanly possible to either change or leave that environment.
  • Is it becoming difficult for me to do the right thing? Whether it’s a job or a marriage, if it’s becoming difficult or impossible to do the right thing in a specific situation / relationship, you are being exposed to way too much toxicity.
  • Am I saying / thinking negative things about other people? By default, any form of negativity is in itself toxic. But if I’m in a situation where everyone around me is complaining or bad-mouthing others, the toxicity will eventually cause me to also speak / think ill of others. That will just make me a toxic person with a toxic mindset. And happiness can’t live in a heart riddled with toxic emotions.

Apply these questions to the major areas of your life.

I can’t tell you what to do after that; your heart will do that for you.

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