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Regardless of the type of life you lead, there are certain tasks, duties and responsibilities that you absolutely must take care of. You may have a yearning within your soul to follow a certain path. To do something different.

All this constitutes your “work”.

Now, there are any number of excuses you could come up with to avoid focusing on your work. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Not now
  • Some other time
  • I’m not in the right mood
  • I’ll be able to do “X” when I have “Y” or only when “Z” is in place
  • I’ll do it when I can do it perfectly
  • I’m just so busy
  • I’ve got a lot of other things to take care of

If you’ve ever caught yourself making an excuse (or a bunch of them) to avoid doing something that would actually benefit you, you’ve been subconsciously sabotaging your chances at success.

What do I think would work for all these excuses?

No fancy strategies or weird productivity theories.

Just do the work.

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