There’s No Time

I’ve said this a million times. I’ve typed it out on my newsletter a million times.

The belief that we still have time is deluding us into wasting what is literally the opportunity of a lifetime.

In 50 years there are just over 2500 weekends yet we throw weekend after weekend down the drain because we get them for free.

“I’ll work harder one day”. “I’ll spend time with the people I love when I’m old and retired”. “I’ll never forgive that person”. “I’ll prove that person wrong”. These are the words we use to deprive ourselves of living life completely.

But there isn’t any time. There’s no time for hatred. There’s no time for stupid things like point-proving. We’re fools if we believe that something as valuable as life is to be used to hold a grudge for 5 years. Or to speak about others.

There’s no prize for being the best-looking or wealthiest or most popular person. Yet we waste so much of time trying to become the image we hope our neighbours, friends and society will like.

Stop planning. Stop hating. Stop comparing. Stop wishing. Stop hoping. Go and do your life’s work. There isn’t much time left.