This is Better Than An Apology


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A true apology doesn’t expire in 2-5 business days. It’s backed-up by rectifying the negative/toxic/harmful behaviours that created the need for an apology in the first place. . . If you’re apologizing to someone, they don’t need flowers, chocolates, birthday cards or shoutouts on Instagram. If you’ve hurt someone, they don’t need you to ‘spoil’ them on a birthday or anniversary; they need you to change your behaviour. They need to know that you will stop hurting them. . . There’s no point in treating people nicely on a ‘special’ occasion and then disregarding their emotions + feelings for the rest of the year. If you want to gift something truly invaluable to the people you love, let them see your commitment to improving yourself; don’t just tell them about it. . . Side note: If you’re constantly apologizing to someone else for their behaviour, you’re probably in an abusive relationship. If you’re always apologizing just to ‘keep the peace’, you’re most likely in an abusive environment. . . 2nd Side note: Be honest with yourself. If someone has been apologizing to you for the same kind of abusive/harmful behaviours for the past 1,2 or 10 years, it’s time to accept that they’re using fake apologies and gestures to prolong your suffering. If they’re not making changes that you can notice, they’re not really apologizing. . . Don’t make excuses for the people who are destroying your happiness.

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