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This Is What I Would Place On a Billboard

Most people don’t care about you or your happiness. It’s not because they’re mean or cold-hearted; it’s because they’ve got their own lives to deal with.

And life can get pretty complicated.

Now, I’ve found that people get stressed when life gets complicated but they start losing hope when they believe that their lives are spiralling out of control.

And your soul starts to wither when you start losing hope.

But life doesn’t automatically go ‘out of control’, does it? There’s a series of steps that occur before one becomes discontented with life, but that’s a topic for another day.

See, at some point in life, many people start to believe that someone else is responsible for their happiness. This is when their lives are officially ‘going out of control’.

Life is ‘out of control’ when one has no power. I’m not talking about physical power. I’m talking about the power you’re born with. The power that most people subconsciously give away to others.

Principle: You need your power to start influencing the direction your life is taking.

Anyway, this is how power is transferred these days.

  • Choosing not to forgive those who hurt you.
  • Opting to live with resentment, hatred and anger.
  • Constantly asking “What if?” and “Why?”.
  • Expecting the government, society, your employer or some other convenient scapegoat to get actively involved in improving your life.
  • Complaining about your low salary without actually doing something to increase your income. (Side Note: Never depend on just a single source of income. Options always equal freedom. And power.)
  • Believing that someone is going to give you what you believe you have a ‘right’ to. (The only people who get what they believe they deserve are those who go out and fight for the lives they want. Everyone else is still waiting for someone to come along and magically fix their lives for them.)
  • Living in the shadows of everyone else’s opinion of you. (What matters most is your opinion of you)
  • Waiting for permission
  • Not having control over the number of people who can make a decision that will have a hugely negative impact on your life, marriage, health & emotions.

If I was asked what message I’d place on a billboard for the entire world to see, this is what it would say:

It’s time. Take back your power.

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