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If you’re a regular Internet user like me, I’m sure you’ve come across websites and blog posts selling you a top (random number) list of something.

Top 10 business books you must read. Top 7 ways to get fit at home. Top 25 tips to help you save money. Top 50 writers in the world.

Reading too many of these is bound to leave you with decision fatigue. Another thing that happens is that too many of us are so busy collecting information from blogs, podcast, newsletters, websites etc. that at the end of it all we’re so emotionally & mentally drained that we have no energy to actually act on all the information we’ve collected.

The Internet is just 1 place where we are exposed to opinions, advices & recommendations. Life is the other place. Do something, or nothing, and you can rest assured someone will have an opinion or some advice for you.

Anyway, what’s worth noting though, is that any list / recommendation / advice is only portraying the perspective of the person who gave it to you. Remember that regardless of who they are, they could be completely right or horribly wrong.

There are a million ways to reach most goals. Find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Be okay with reading a book that’s not on a bestseller list. Be okay with taking your own advice from time to time. Be okay with doing something that isn’t on a “must-do”, “must read” or “must-try” list.

The only thing we must do, the only thing we can do is try to improve on who we were and what we accomplished yesterday.

Be okay with learning from your failures and your successes. They’ll teach you more than any top 10 list can.

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