“We’ll Get Back To You”

“We’ll get back to you” is usually a nice way of saying, “If we feel like it, we’ll consider your request and depending on our mood, the weather, our finances etc. we may or may not give you what you want.”

People who ask for salary increases/promotions / loans/favours/ or any form of permission will almost always hear these words.

These words are often said to people who have little or no options. And the person saying them knows that. They know that you have no other ideas or plans and that’s why you’re coming to them.

Sometimes, they’ll knowingly keep you on edge for a while until they give you an answer. They’ll enjoy the trap of the illusion of power that many decision-makersĀ are prone to fall into.

During all of this, what do you do? You wait. You hope. You expect. You plead. You suffer in ways that you can’t even explain. All because you’re waiting for someone else to make a decision.

Now, I get that sometimes you’ll need to abide by the authority that someone else has. But this should be the exception rather than the rule.

I hate seeing people paralysed by a lack of options. I feel a physical discomfort when I hear a person pleading for a chance at a better life.

You weren’t created to be another person’s slave by having your happiness hinge on their decisions. You weren’t designed for a life of having to ask for permission to improve your circumstances.

You must learn to help yourself. Nobody else is going to.

Here’s a principle I’d like to share with you: Approach life in such a way that your plan is for the number of people who can make decisions that will drastically affect your mental & physical well-being, financial status, relationships, marriage, inner-peace and overall happiness, to be as small as possible.

So, start your business. Spend time on your side-hustle. Write your book. Develop an exit strategy from the job that’s keeping you miserable. Learn more. Build an extra income stream or two.

Before you request something from someone, ask yourself what you need to do in order to reduce your dependency on their decisions.

You and I are here for a limited period of time. Stop waiting for someone to get back to you.

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