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Are Your Beliefs Becoming Limitations?

Believing in something is a powerful choice.

You, just like everyone else, grew up believing in many things. Some are true and others we eventually discover are untrue. These beliefs play a large role in determining the mindset you will have and the way you approach both success & failure. In fact, they determine the way you approach your health,career,relationships & life in general. I don’t think there’s just one source of influence for the beliefs we have; we sort of just collect them along the way.

Look at your own beliefs; as a child nobody needed to sit you down and give you a list of things to believe in. You believed what you heard when a teacher told you that you’re not intelligent because you didn’t do well on a test (even though tests are a very bad measure of intelligence and the teacher simply couldn’t see that). You also believed what you heard when an adult told you that you were really good at sports (when in fact you weren’t good at all and they were trying to motivate you…or they were just being nice). An argument with your best friend possibly gave you the belief that everyone will disappoint you every once in a while. Seeing a couple go through a messy divorce may have convinced you that marriage is a very hurtful,risky undertaking and to save you from getting your heart broken,you need to stay far from any relationships. Whatever the scenario,  eventually you generated a mental list of things to believe in based on what you saw, heard or experienced.

Most of these beliefs have a way of becoming limitations; limitations that will suffocate the life out of your passion and drain the energy out of your soul. These limitations deny you the opportunity to live the life you were meant to live by preventing you from finding the serenity your soul seeks.

What are Your Limitations?

Simply speaking, the limitations you believe in are the ones that will apply to your life. Believe that you need more things to make you happy? You’re probably never going to be satisfied regardless of what direction your life takes. Believe that you know all there is to know about a particular subject? You’re going to find it impossible to make any real progress because you’re not open to learning. Believe that everyone’s out to get you and they’re all jealous of your achievements? You’re never going to find contentment.

Do You Know What Makes a Limitation Powerful?

The fact that you believe in it. Every single time that you use your belief in a limitation to deny you the happiness you’re looking for; you give away your power and strengthen the limitation.

It takes courage to speak in public. The first time you said no to speaking in public because you believed everyone would laugh at you, you gave away a bit of your power; a bit of your courage. The second time it was easier to say no, because your resolve is weakened due to the power you gave away the first time. Regardless of the circumstances,when this scene is played out it eventually gives rise to a full-blown fear that controls your happiness. The beliefs you carry with you, influence every area of your life. They impact the quality of your marriage, the state of your mental & physical health and the way you raise your kids.

If you want to drastically improve your life,make the time to assess your beliefs. Identify the ones that are limiting your ability to live your happiness and get to work on actively changing your circumstances by changing your mindset.

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