What Pain Teaches Us

By 06/06/2013August 21st, 2016Junaid Kajee

Every person who lived an extraordinary life experienced much hardship and pain before they experienced the greatness they became renowned for.

Difficulties and crises do one thing if nothing else: They give us a glimpse of the greatness and potential lying hidden within the recesses of our souls. That’s because pain is necessary for personal growth.

Those who are committed to becoming better human-beings have learnt to leverage this pain and use it as a springboard to reach even greater heights in their personal lives.

The most important lessons of life are usually taught to us in times of difficulty. The problem is most people are so busy focusing on the problem that they forget to seek out the lesson that the problem is teaching them. Our duty is to look for these lessons and learn, learn fast.

Don’t allow your life to be dictated by the problems you have. Everyone has problems, everyone must become acquainted with grief, this is a universal principle.You owe it to yourself to look beyond your problems and into the greatness of the life that you could be living. You cannot continue to live on potential, you have to physically do something to seize the best version of your life.

Starting today : Make less excuses and more progress

Core Points

1) Nothing of substance can ever be achieved without discomfort

2) Hardship and grief are the natural precursors to greatness

3) The more pain an incident causes you, the greater the lessons it carries