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What’s YOUR Plan?

The Internet is bursting at the seams with articles like, ” [Insert Famous Entrepreneur’s Name] Strategy for Decision-Making” or “The One Thing This Billionaire Does Every Morning”.

Now, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reading about people’s habits and then incorporating the ones that work for you, into your life.  There is a problem though, if you don’t develop your own strategy for whatever it is that success means to you.

What does happiness mean to you? What is your definition of wealth? When you know the answers to these questions, craft your own action plan.

Stop trying to read the entire Internet. Don’t watch the whole of YouTube. Go out and do something.

Too many of us live in constant adulation of the people we consider mega-successful without ever taking any real action towards specific goals. After years of being spectators of other people’s lives, most of us have nothing tangible to show for it.

It’s cool that you read about successful people or follow them on Twitter / Instagram. What’s way more useful is if you actually develop a game-plan to make some real, meaningful progress in your life.

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