When you can’t go on anymore

When you can’t go on anymore, remember that it isn’t your reality but your perception. You’re actually saying, “I don’t think I can go on anymore” and you always have the power to change what you think. I’m not saying it’s just a matter of flipping a mental switch and everything will be okay. I’m saying you have the ability to look past the pain & the despair. You were born with the ability to improve your life, why not use it?


When you can’t go on anymore, remember that hope and despair are two forces that grow stronger according to your belief in them. Everytime you face a problem, you’re given the choice of believing in hope or in despair. The more you choose to believe in hope, the stronger & bigger it becomes. Choose to believe in despair and the voice of hope starts growing weaker and weaker.


When you can’t go on anymore, remember that pain and discomfort are there to force you to grow. They’re there to convince you that you absolutely have to stand up and take charge of your life. Nobody else is going to do it for you. The moments that hurt us are pushing us towards being courageous enough to making the changes our lives need. You need to use the hurt & not let it use you. Look for the lessons it’s teaching you; they’re invaluable.


When you can’t go on anymore, you have reached the starting line. Your journey until this point was practice. The real work starts now. The need for pure grit, relentless determination & unrivalled enthusiasm has never been as urgent as it is when you think you really can’t go on anymore. This is when you’ve got to dig deep and show yourself that no matter how difficult it may be, you can achieve your goal.This is the time for tough choices and real progress.


Go out and start building the life you want to live.

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