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If you wear the same brand of clothing that an Olympic gold medalist does, will you become as successful, fit, famous or wealthy as him/her?

If you copy the writing routine of a bestselling author, are you guaranteed that you will you be able to write a bestseller yourself?

If you drink the same brand of coffee that a billionaire entrepreneur insists on drinking, will you become successful at business?

The answer to all of these questions, quite simply, is : No.

Yet globally, marketers award endorsement deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars to celebrities, sports personalities and famous individuals. Individuals who will tell you that they wear a certain watch or use a specific perfume or run in a certain pair of running shoes (implying that if you want to enjoy any of the luxuries they currently do, you should also use the same perfume or the same shoes etc.)

Naturally, no company would spend such huge amounts of money on marketing deals unless an equally huge amount of people actually would answer yes to the questions I asked.

In a world that glorifies winning at any cost, it’s ironic that most of the ideas we have around success & wealth aren’t even our own ideas. They were sold to us by someone who was paid to tell us what will bring us the happiness we’re looking for.

There’s nothing wrong with learning (and imitating) the habits of people you consider successful. Just don’t try to be them. You can’t succeed by trying to be the next version of someone else.

Borrow the strategies that work for you. Learn. Fail. Grow. Try again. Then repeat.

You weren’t created because the world needed more versions of another person. You were built to be the first version of you.

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