You Should Probably Stop Reading My Blog

No, this isn’t some clickbait headline to see how many people would want to read something that’s actually anti-promotional.

I’m quite serious.

You should stop reading my blog if it isn’t adding value to your life. There are millions of strategists & writers out there who could be of greater value to you.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that people take time out of their lives to read, listen & respond to the content I share. And I’m deepy grateful for that.

I’m writing this post because I’ve noticed a culture that’s spreading like wildfire: The culture of self-imposed delusion. It’s a culture where we substitute and evade taking real action in favour of subscribing to a dozen newsletters, reading twenty blogs and clicking / sharing random articles, memes etc. I saw a picture that said “share if you want to destroy cancer”. Seriously? Sharing that pic would eradicate cancer? (the pic had over 20 000 shares btw)

I suppose what is quite possibly most tragic is the fact that we do all of this whilst believing we are actually doing something real and meaningful.

But we’re not and we know it. Which is why no amount of digital devotion to fitness / relationships /success and motivational quotes brings us any happiness. We like, share, repost & retweet articles on parenting, happiness, meaning, purpose etc. yet we don’t move a single step closer to improving these parts of our lives.

It’s time to stop lying to ourselves.

99.9 % of what we’re doing + consuming online isn’t translating into anything tangible in “real” life.

This global wave of false activism has left in its wake an entire generation of people who’ve spent so much of mental energy online that they’re too tired to do anything about their lives.

So my plea is this: Please stop listening to my podcast and reading my blog & newsletter if it hasn’t already added value to your life by inspiring you to take some real action and make some measurable progress.

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