You Will Never Regret

By 01/08/2013August 21st, 2016Junaid Kajee

Sooner or later you’re bound to pick up certain regrets on the journey of life. You’re bound to make mistakes. But your past doesn’t have to define who you become. ¬†Your past exists not only to provide you with lessons but also to encourage you not to make the same mistakes. If you regret the time you wasted a few years ago; start managing your time well today and in so doing you will be using your regrets to actually make progress.

Two Great Practices

One common practice of those who lead truly great lives is the ability to constantly look at their past and use the lessons it teaches to lead even better lives.

Another valuable, practical way to motivate yourself is to ask yourself what your regrets would be at the end of your life. Be brutally honest with yourself.

Would you regret not spending more time with your family? Start spending more time with them if you want to leverage this (potential) regret.

Will you regret not being more generous or philanthropic? Start small,start today.

Some of life’s greatest lessons are harnessed simply by leveraging a situation to your advantage.

To help you with your list,here’s a few things you will never regret

You will never regret…

Telling your children/someone you care for, how much you love them

Forgiving those who hurt you

Taking care of your health

Showing your spouse how much he/she means to you

Caring for your parents

Believing in your dreams

Using your time well

Not giving up

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