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Your spouse wants…

Every marriage will face its fair share of highs and lows.

From time to time, both spouses will face emotional,spiritual and other personal battles. Some battles need to be fought alone and others need to be confronted with a united front.

Happiness and sadness will inevitably become regular visitors to any relationship. This does not mean however, that we must resign ourselves to our circumstances and do nothing to improve the quality of a marriage. A large number of issues in a marriage can be resolved by making simple yet effective changes in the way we view and treat our spouses. Here’s a list of some of these changes.

Your spouse wants (and needs)…

– You to try and be a little more understanding

– You to offer a shoulder to cry on even when he/she seems to be doing okay

– You to believe in him/her. Especially when nobody else does

– A long hug every now and again

– Your undivided attention for just a few minutes every single day

– You to say ‘Everything will be fine’ when it seems that things aren’t going as expected, not because you know everything will be fine but because ease always follows difficulty

– You to stand by his/her side even when everyone else has walked away

– Happiness,peace of mind and contentment of the heart for you and for him/herself

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